Vellore Polytechnic College (VPT)

Student Safety


Chairman: Mr. Karthikeyan A
Executive members: Ms. Priyanka P
Mr. Rajkumar R


  • Integrate new students during Freshers’ day event on anti-ragging law, raising complaint with anti-ragging committee and disciplinary action process.
  • Assign staff to monitor and prevent harassment of new students, during breaks.
  • Review complaints on ragging and initiate prompt follow-up measures
Chairperson: Ms. Bhuvaneswari A (Academician)
Executive members: Mr. Anand K (Management Rep.)
Mr. JayakumarThoppil (Facilitator)
Ms. Uma Chithra A (Leadership Rep.)
Ms. Swarnalatha N (Staff Rep.)
Ms. Lakshmi J (Community Rep.)
Ms. Srinidhi S (Student Rep.)

Note: Representatives from Police and government departments are roped in as needed.


  • Pursue complaints from female students, female staff, parents or visitors pertaining to sexual harassment:
    • Unwelcome sexually determined behaviour
    • Enraging modesty of a woman
    • Physical assault
    • Physical contact or advances
    • Sexually coloured remarks or comments
    • Stalking
    • Taking photograph / video of a woman, without consent
    • Unwanted text messages or calls to a woman
    • Spreading rumour about sexuality / relationship of a woman
    • Demanding or requesting sexual favours
    • Showing pornography
    • Flashing
    • Coercion
    • Discrimination or undue favour against the interest of a woman
    • Any other verbal or non-verbal behaviour that is sexual in nature
  • Prevent access to the premises for the accused to prevent destruction of evidence.
  • Investigate incident respecting privacy and honour of the woman
  • Collect evidences and interview witnesses.
  • Compile findings and prepare report.
  • Involve law enforcement agencies and/or Human rights commission of State/Centre, as needed.
  • Communicate report to the concerned authorities, as mandated by the law.
  • Perform any other actions pertaining to sexual harassment as per policy VPT-HR-03
Chairman: Mr. Karthikeyan A
Executive members: Mr. Anand K
Mr. Jayakumar Thoppil
Mr. Subramani K


Address any complaint from student, staff, parent or visitor on

  • Discrimination based on religion, gender, social status, caste, colour, etc. as prescribed in the internal policy “Workplace harassment (VPT-HR-03)” other than sexual harassment.
  • Pay anomalies.
  • Lack of basic amenities.
  • Lack of work resources.
  • Issues related personal health or well-being.
  • Issues related to student discipline.
  • Issues related to working condition