Vellore Polytechnic College (VPT)

Parent-Teacher Forum



To review the student’s progress in the overall development process and discuss ways & means to support the student at college and home

  • Share positive behaviours of the student to be reinforced and potential improvements to be followed up.
  • Share the interests, skills and potential in studies, sports, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities and ways to help the student develop them.
  • Share the academic progress of the student (with relevant records), learning aptitude and current knowledge level. Identify what gaps need to be closed, how and when.
  • Share the genuine issues about the student and how they can work together in fixing them.
  • Share major plans and upcoming events.
  • Sensitize parents on the placement process and how they could support their wards.
What should be avoided?

Parents and Teachers should refrain from:

  • Arguing over marks, attendance, facilities, fees or discipline.
  • Complaining about student or faculty behaviour.
  • Accusing college management or faculty.
  • Finding fault with each other.
  • Instructing each other on what they should do