Vellore Polytechnic College (VPT)

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (DEEE) is a course that involves study of electricity, electromagnetism, electrical machines, static electrical & electronic equipment, protection systems, safety systems, instruments, devices, etc. It includes generation, transmission, distribution & utilization of electricity and selection of electrical & electronic components, microprocessors, solid-state devices, etc for various applications. Diploma graduates will be able to perform variety of roles including designing, manufacturing, testing, operation, maintenance, supervision, auditing, certification, trouble-shooting, estimating, costing, inspection, marketing, sales & service of electrical / electronic equipment, tools and accessories.


1. Develop their solid foundation in engineering science and technology enabling good career in electrical and allied engineering.

2. Demonstrate the ability to test, verify and develop the characteristics of common electrical equipment/machines for an engineering application.

3. Function effectively in a good position in an inter-disciplinary environment either in an industry or an academic institution.


After completing Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering program, our graduates will be able to:

1. Test and maintain electrical machines and equipment.

2. Estimate the electrical energy required for any installation.

Ms. R.Archana M.E.,

Head of the Department
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