Vellore Polytechnic College (VPT)

Student Development Program (SDP)

Student Development Program (SDP)

The institution believes in the overall development of the students rather than just imparting technical knowledge. The students are given adequate exposure in sports, cultural and social activities to make them a complete professional.

Companies need talents and not just headcount for the development of the organization. They expect to recruit well-rounded personalities who have skills and behavioural attributes that fit their job requirements. Hence, SDP is deigned to balance both physical and mental fitness during the course of study.

SDP comprises the following areas:

Behavioural development training

Students are trained on one competency per semester to avoid information overload and also give them adequate time to practice what they have learnt.

Semester 1: Learning Aptitude

Semester 2: Communication

Semester 3: Team Work

Semester 4: Work Standards

Semester 5: Project Management

Semester 6: Employability Skills

Guest lecture

Lecture by industry experts (internal & external) give lectures on applications of engineering concepts, advanced technologies, over the syllabus knowledge, emerging technologies, trouble-shooting tips, etc.

Student seminar

Students are given certain topics within or outside the syllabus to research and come up with information that they could share with their peers. This helps in developing research skills, presentation skills, communication skills, etc.

Mini project

Second year students are encouraged to form small teams and develop a simple working model of an engineering concept. This acts as a precursor to the project work that they need to take up in the third year. It also encourages experimental attribute and sow the seeds of entrepreneurial vigour.

Computer training

Computer knowledge is a basic requirement in the current scenario irrespective of the field of work. Hence, students are provided with basic knowledge in Windows operating system and MS office

Spoken English training

English language skill is a challenging aspect for students from rural areas and the medium of study for most students is the native language. Most companies use English as their official communication language and most documents are in English. This makes it imperative to equip students at least a basic working knowledge in the language so that they can communicate without fear or inhibition.

Art & culture

Interest in art & culture is a key stress-buster in any culture. People who have interest and exposure to art and culture are generally creative and much emotionally stable. They can manage stress comparatively easier that then peers who lack that. Training and competitions in art & culture provide students exposure to such unique skills which are generally not taught in classrooms. Competitions are held for Drawing, Vegetable carving, Rangoli, etc. Rural arts like Silambam, Uri-adi, Parai, Tug-of-war, Fire arts, etc. are displayed during PongalThivuvizha celebrations.

Fitness & Sports

Physical well-being compliments mental well-being and contributes to a healthy life style. People who work out have better concentration in what they do and this helps in improving own productivity. Some people play sports while many others don't and so fitness training is a must for all. Participation in sports improves physical wellness besides subconsciously training students in certain competencies such as leadership, team work, coaching and communication. They can take success and failure alike and be emotionally stable.


The habit of reading is slowly diminishing from our lives with personal electronic devices such as mobile, tab, etc. Library is a great knowledge source that students need to explore irrespective of the topic or subject. The library period is intended to create interest in reading and help students explore the wealth of knowledge that resides there.