Vellore Polytechnic College (VPT)

Code of Conduct for Students


1. Maintain punctuality in attending classes or events and comply with the minimum attendance requirements.

2. Comply with all the policies, procedures and systems of the college.

3. Maintain good personal hygiene and appropriate physical appearance.

4. Wear attire to college as per the established dress code (Appendix-2).

5. Wear college ID card at all times.

6. Bring needed learning aids such as books, stationery, drafter, etc. without fail.

7. Pay all outstanding fees such as tuition fee, transport fee, book fee, exam fee, etc. before deadline and obtain necessary clearance certificate to obtain exam hall ticket.

8. Report to college bus pick up point on time, behave well during the journey and refrain from doing anything that damage the institution’s reputation.

9. Respect and behave properly with the management, staff and others who visit the college.

10. Use college facilities, furniture, tools, equipment, etc. with adequate care and refrain from breaking anything due to negligence or bad behaviour.

11. Behave appropriately with others of the same or opposite gender.

12. Complete all given assignments and submit them on time to the concerned faculty.

13. Listen attentively to lectures, take notes, clarify doubts and participate well in discussions.

14. Provide feedback to faculty and management as and when requested.

15. Participate in sport, social and cultural events and play the assigned roles.

16. Prepare well for internal tests / semester exams and strictly refrain from malpractices such as copying, using reference materials, talking, etc.

17. Prepare well for internal tests, semester exams, practical tests, viva voce, etc. and undergo them as scheduled, without fail.

18. Display appropriate body language, tone and tenor while communicating with fellow students, management, staff or visitors.

19. Display behavioural etiquette while representing the institution in any event outside the college premises.

20. Report any sickness, accident, violation of code of conduct or any other personal grievance to the management or staff members.

21. Take adequate care of personal belongings such as laptop, cash, drafter, books, stationery, etc. since management will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

22. Avoid wearing expensive apparels such as jewellery, watch, personal gadgets, etc. to college.

23. Refrain from leaving the college premises without proper permission from department staff.

24. Refrain from skipping class or lab / workshop or not showing interest.

25. Refrain from bad mouthing about the course, staff, facilities or institution with people inside or outside the institution.

26. Strictly refrain from having possession / use of cigarettes, drugs of any kind, chewable tobacco, objectionable content on phone or in print, etc.

27. Strictly refrain from ragging, bullying, quarrelling or fist fighting with other students.

28. Strictly refrain from using mobile phones inside the college premises without specific permission from management or department staff.

29. Strictly refrain from sending objectionable messages to other students, management or staff.

30. Maintain cleanliness in the college premises tidy and environment friendly with a commitment to “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan”.

31. Refrain from making undue noise during breaks and assembling in corridors or stairs.

32. Refrain from spreading any kind of rumour about or with in the college premises.

33. Refrain from attempting to make physical contact, stalking or spreading rumour about others, especially females.

34. Refrain from using inappropriate, abusive or foul terms while communicating with others.

35. Refrain from horseplay at the college premises, college bus and while representing the institution outside.

36. Refrain from attending college when affected by a contagious disease.

37. Refrain from taking any materials belonging to the institution out of the premises without permission.

38. Refrain from falsifying any documents issued by the college, governmental / non-governmental agencies or individuals.

39. Refrain from harassing fellow students or staff.

40. Refrain from dozing/sleeping at the institution.